10 Tips To Attract High Quality Employees for Your Small Business

Tips to attract high quality employees

There is a great demand for high quality employees. Considering that most skilled professionals will prefer working with big companies, small businesses might find it difficult to attract highly skilled employees. While that is mostly the case, there are tips to attract high quality employees.

According to economists, there will be a shortage of high quality employees in the years to come. The labor force, as per The Financial Post will not increase anytime now. That, however, does not mean that you must entirely give up on hiring high quality employees because many people unlike what you have imagined are looking out for comfort and other things.

Listed below are 10 tips to attract high quality employees.


Research and Find the Market Rate for the Required Positions

Do extensive research by checking out various job portals to find out the market rate for the positions that you want to hire people for. Match or exceed the industry rate as far as possible. Even if it is a small company, top-quality workers will want to work with you if you are willing to pay well. Hire one ‘good’ employee if you are unable to afford two. The money that you invest in one good employee will most definitely be worth the investment. This is one of the many tips to attract high quality employees.


Make it Known That You are Hiring

If you want the maximum number of prospects to choose from, you must find the best platform to showcase your job opportunities. In the year 2011, 90% of companies used the social media platform to recruit skilled professionals from various fields. According to RecruiterBox.com, approximately 70% of employers use Facebook to gather details about their prospective candidates as of now. Use job boards, social media, and career websites to reach out to the maximum number of people.


Emphasize Benefits and Offer Employee Benefit Program

If you want high quality staff, you must be ready to offer high quality benefits which include dental, life, and medical coverage.

Top quality professionals are more than willing to work in an environment where there is good business culture, and where there is flexibility in timings and work schedule. Good incentives are another enticing factor that you can offer to attract skilled professionals.


Offer Increments to Your Employees

No matter how much benefit and flexibility you provide, it means nothing if they don’t get regular or yearly increments.

Always make sure to give regular pay raises. Catalyst.org once reported that 50% of men and 42% of women said that they would leave their jobs immediately if another company was willing to pay them more.


Take Time to Find the Right Candidate

Do not make any hasty decisions when it comes to hiring an employee for your business. Take time and find out as much information as possible about your prospective employee.

It makes no sense to hire a person and then regret as you will have to start the process all over again. This will consume more time and money. In order to avoid that, and also to make sure that the employee is able to contribute to the overall growth of your organization, take it slow and hire only if you are absolutely sure.


Offer Perks to Employees

While you might not be in a position to offer the kind of perks that large companies do, you can still offer something. For example, if you are unable to offer health facilities such as a completely equipped gym to your employees, you can offer coupons to use local gym facilities.


Have a Profit Sharing Program

While not every small business can afford to share their business profit with their employees, it is a good idea as it encourages them to work harder for you. It gives them the assurance that you are willing to share your profit with them. It makes the employees want to be loyal to you. They are hence ready to go ‘the extra mile’ to make your business successful.


Recognize Your Employees’ Efforts

It is extremely important to appreciate your employee’s efforts. It makes your company a great place to work in when you realize that each and every employee from bottom to top contributes to a company’s success.

Take a minute to acknowledge their efforts and contribution. That can be done either by writing a ‘thank you’ note or starting a yearly award for various categories. Example: Best performer, best team player, most patient member, etc.


Find Out Your Employees Motivation Factor

Once the candidates are part of your organization, it is your responsibility to make sure that they are happy and excited to be in your company. Get to understand what truly motivates and excites them, and that is not always money! It could be promotions and other non-monetary incentives too. Use this as bait to win your employees loyalty. This is one of the most tips to attract high quality employees.


Provide Feedback to Let Them Know How They are Performing

Feedback is closely connected with Recognition. Employees wouldn’t want to wait until the annual reviews to know how they are faring, and what you think about their performance. Provide regular feedback to help them understand where they stand and also let them know about the areas that they can improve upon.



By following the 10 tips to attract high quality employees listed above, you will be able to find effective techniques to hire top-quality employees who will be more than glad to stay on in your company.

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