10 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity At Workplace

If you think you have chosen the best employees in the industry, and yet you feel that there is not enough productivity, the problem might not be with them. If you want to improve employee productivity, you will have to work a bit on their workplace!

It goes without saying that employee productivity at a workplace is critical to a company’s growth. It’s what that keeps it alive and thriving. How do you make your team more productive?

Listed below are ten ways to increase and improve employee productivity at work:


Create a Family Like Atmosphere

When your employees walk into your company, they must feel that it is their second home and their colleagues at work are their extended family.

There can be disagreements, but your employees must know at the end of the day that you have their backs, and are willing to fight for them if required. Your employees must feel safe if you want an impregnable team.


Go Ahead and Delegate!

It is normal for business owners to want to be involved in every little detail relating to the company. Well, it’s only natural to do so. It’s your baby and you want to do everything yourself to make sure nothing goes wrong.

However, delegating certain work to qualified people can save you time and energy. Trust your employees and be confident that they will perform the tasks well. While this will give them an opportunity to hone their skill-set, you on your part will be able to focus on growing the company.


Recognize Skill-Set and Delegate Accordingly

Recognizing the skills of your employees and delegating them specific tasks is critical to attain maximum efficiency. For example, an extroverted and out-of-the-box thinking individual can easily sell or pitch ideas to their clients. However, he or she might struggle when required to sit at a place for long hours and accomplish a detail-oriented task.

One of the best ways to improve employee productivity is to delegate tasks to each employee depending on his or her skill set. Employees will then be more interested to work with you. There is less chance of them leaving your company and moving to another one if they enjoy what they are doing.


Recognition, Encouragement, and Reward

A $10 gift card can make your employee’s day! While it has nothing to do with money, it has everything to do with recognition. The employee feels recognized and inspired to do better. Likewise, all the other employees too are encouraged to work hard and reach a goal.

The employer must make sure that he or she encourages deserving staff. Encouragement helps people work harder, move forward and do better, and also makes them happy. Innovative methods of encouragement like holiday trips and movie tickets motivate employees a lot.


Offer Exercise Breaks

A research conducted in New Zealand revealed that exercise breaks led to a 25% increase in staff productivity. Similarly, four short walks a day was proved to boost a person’s mood for at least 11 hours.

Encourage your employees to either exercise a bit in your company gym or offer “walking breaks” to them after lunch.


Do Not Micromanage

Encourage your employees to take ownership of the way they manage their time and resources. Productivity expert Robby Slaughter, in an interview, said that one of the effective ways to improve employee productivity is to get managers to back off.

“This is a wonderfully self-correcting process: we want people who are self-starters and are able to operate independently. Granting workers freedom over when, how, and where they work creates proof of their work ethic in a way that trying to control them cannot,” said Slaughter.

Micromanaging comes intuitively to managers and business owners, but businesses do better if managers and key people in the company engage in more strategic thinking rather than micromanaging their subordinates and workers.


Communication is Key to Improve Employee Productivity

All managers and business owners are aware that communication is key for a productive workforce.

According to the McKinsey study, emails can consume 28% of an employee’s time. Emails, in fact, were found to be the second most time-consuming activity for employees after their job-specific tasks.

Encourage your team members to use social networking tools such as Slack designed for quick team communication. Voice-to-voice communication like a phone call can quickly settle a matter which might otherwise take hours.

Provide Training and Retraining

Good training in the required field gives employees the confidence needed to be more productive. Not knowing what to do is terrible as employees are likely to feel frustrated and lost at the same time.

Make sure that your workers are given adequate training that will help them accomplish their tasks and improve employee productivity.


Reach Out to Your Workers

Employers must make an effort to reach out to the employees at times, and not appear like a larger than life distant figure.

Every employee likes to be recognized, and when the recognition comes from the management, he or she will feel all the more understood and accepted.

Managers Must be Happy

According to Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University, the managers are mostly the reason behind an employee’s unhappiness at a workplace.

Make sure you have a regular heart-to-heart conversation with your managers as the line manager’s happiness is very necessary to increase and improve employee productivity.


Follow up at Various Stages

Your work as an employer or manager does not stop at delegating tasks. Make sure the work is moving as planned. It is hence essential to follow up on tasks at regular intervals.

Hire a supervisor if required to follow-up on tasks.

Have Fun and Encourage Laughing

Well, don’t be surprised. According to research conducted by the Warwick University, laughter has a quick and direct impact on our mood. Having fun and work and regular laughter relieves stress. It also helps us sleep better and can boost the immune system of our body.

Organizing a trip to a comedy club or watching funny movies together is a great way to increase a worker’s productivity.


Try these ten tips to improve employee productivity and you will most certainly notice a world of difference in employee productivity at the workplace.

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