5 Best Time Tracking Apps for Small Businesses

Time tracking apps for small businesses

Time is the most important factor when it comes to running a business and getting work done. If you run a business and pay your freelancers or employees an hourly rate, there is all the more reason for you to be concerned since the work hours they put in helps determine their salary or pay rate. It is hence very important to keep a track of time, and what better way to do that than installing time tracking apps for small businesses!

Listed below are the best time tracking apps for small businesses to help boost the productivity of your team and track their work. In fact, these can be used by freelancers as well.



Chrometa stands out in the sense that it automatically records your software usage. The amount of time you spent on Facebook, drafting a proposal, working on a spreadsheet, or even emailing a client is captured.

With Chrometa, you know exactly how much time your employees are taking per task. You can accordingly advise them on where they might be going wrong and where they need to focus.

Chrometa will prompt you to log your ‘down time’ if you move away from your computer and return after a while. You will be able to review Chrometa’s summary, timeline and graph of your time usage at the end of the day.



Harvest, which has been around since 2006, is one of the most well known time tracking apps for freelancers as well as teams.

Apart from the fact that Harvest provides all the standard features, what makes it stand out is its attention to detail. The project dashboard is impressive where you can conveniently view the status of your projects and dive deeper into the details if required. Reports and graphs are good with multiple export options. You can choose your own method of tracking time whether it is web, mobile or desktop apps.

Moreover, it is possible to get Harvest to remind your team to submit their timesheets! That makes Harvest one of the best time tracking apps for small businesses and big companies too.

Harvest features are free for single user, and 2 projects. The paid version offers unlimited projects beginning at $12/month per user.



PayMo is an easy to use personal business center that offers invoicing, billing and few other project management features apart from time tracking.

PayMo is an excellent choice for small businesses as its free plan enables unlimited clients and reports and also has the ability to detect idle time. The free plan allows you to generate not more than one invoice per month. The paid version of PayMo offers Basic and Premium plans.


Sighted Time Tracking and Invoicing

Sighted is an easy time tracking platform that has integrated online invoicing. Sighted very conveniently integrates time tracking with multiple payment functions. There is hence a flawless transition over various payment mediums. If offers everything you need.

Sighted provides free basic services, but charges $4.00 per month for Premium, and $25 for Super Premium.



Tracking time on TimeCamp is as easy as starting a timer. The system provides a grouped list of all your tasks and assignments, showing the most recently used on top.

TimeCamp is excellent for business owners and managers who want to track their employees and projects. The platform provides timesheet approval workflows and reporting tools.

TimeCamp gives you an insight into your team’s performance Mobile apps for iPhone and Android are also available for those on the go. It is an excellent tool for multitaskers as it has a to-do list feature built-in. This helps your team to list out the various tasks, prioritize, and schedule accordingly.


Ready to go!

The 5 time tracking apps for small businesses mentioned above will most certainly help you put things in order and ensure that your employees stick to their work schedule and produce quality work at the given time.

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