5 Free Website Uptime Checker Tools & Services

free website uptime checker

Launching a website is just the beginning. It’s important to keep your website running 24×7. Else you’ll lose customers and stop acquiring new ones. Luckily there are many free website checker tools & services that regularly monitor your website for issues and automatically send you an email/SMS alert in case of downtime. Here are the 5 free website uptime checker tools & services


5 Free Website Uptime Checker Tools & Services



Monitor.us is a free website uptime checker that provides premium features for $130/month. It’s a great option for professionals as well as businesses looking to monitor their websites.

Monitor.us provides regular reports about website uptime, server performance, and network performance. It even allows you to create custom website metrics that it can track for you in real-time.

It is completely cloud-based and can be easily switched between websites & domains. Its premium services support multiple locations, multiple servers and 1-minute monitoring intervals.



Montastic is another great free website uptime checker for people developing personal websites or those running small corporate websites.

It pings your website every 5 minutes and reports downtime, page errors, multiple logins, and even error pages.

It sends error reports via email. It also provides mobile apps for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows which receive notifications, in case of issues.


Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is one of the most popular free website uptime checker that allows you to monitor up to 50 websites, every 5 minutes, for free.

Any instances of downtime are reported via email.

If you want to monitor more websites, you can upgrade to their premium plan ($48/month).



Uptimia is a superb option if you want a comprehensive website monitoring service that provides a wide range of checkpoints.

Uptimia can monitor your website from anywhere in the world, with 171 checkpoints on 6 continents. It offers monitoring of website uptime, website speed, transaction monitoring and even user performance satisfaction.

Users immediately get alerted as soon as your website goes down or if there is a problem with your site. It is hosted in 2 data centers so it can remain operational even if one of them goes down.

Uptimia is great for small as well as large businesses who run uptime-critical websites.


Basic State

Basic State is a free website monitoring tool that is suitable for small websites, personal websites, blogs, startups as well as corporate websites.

Don’t be fooled by their basic website design. It’s a comprehensive tool that monitors unlimited number of websites, every 15 minutes, and send an email/text message in case of downtime.

It also allows you to run daily reports, with upto 2 weeks of uptime history. It even allows you to create custom alerts that are triggered by different conditions.



There are many free website monitoring tools that offer plenty of useful features. However, some of their features are a part of their premium plans. So evaluate each of them based on your budget and requirements to pick the one that fits your needs.



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