7 Effective Tips to Keep Employees from Leaving

how to keep employees from leaving

It’s possible that at this very moment some of your key employees might be planning to quit. You have to stop them from walking out the door as finding the best talent to work for you is not easy. And recruitment is a lengthy process that consumes time, money, and resources. To keep employees from leaving, you have to engage them, keep them happy, and make them feel valued. Let’s look at the seven ways by which you can do that.


Appreciate and Value Your Employees

Employees don’t want to work in an organization where they are not valued or appreciated. You can do that by recognizing their work publically, and rewarding them whenever they accomplish something.

Be transparent and truthful when giving your feedback. And give not only your feedback but also seek their

Once you get their feedback, check whether employees’ suggestions can be incorporated into your business process or project development.


Make Your Business Environment Fun

Employees find serious and only-work environment monotonous and tiresome. If you want them to be happy and productive, you have to reinvent your work environment and make it more fun.

It can be done by planning team activities and outings, organizing work events, spicing up the daily or weekly meetings and celebrating milestones.

You can also create a space where your employees can unwind themselves for some time.


Be Accessible and Open all Channels of Communication

Keep open all channels of communication, and be accessible to your employees. Often, you can hear them complaining that they cannot reach top bosses to discuss important issues.

It makes them feel that their work is not considered important. Assure your employees that you are always reachable, and they can email, call, or have a face-to-face talk, to discuss project issues and work-related concerns.


Conduct Training Sessions to Upgrade Employees’ Skills

One of the reasons employees quit an organization is because they are getting no opportunities to improve their skills or learn new ones. As technology is changing at a rapid pace, it’s important that employees regularly upgrade their skill set.

Conduct in-house training or learning sessions from time to time, so employees don’t seek employment elsewhere to deepen their knowledge-base.


Give New Responsibilities

When you give your employees new responsibilities, they feel that you trust them and believe in their competence. Moreover, they get the sense that their career is on an upward trajectory.

If you want to keep employees from leaving, you have to ensure that they don’t grumble that their career has become stagnant.


Give Employees Freedom and Autonomy

Employees usually don’t like if they are not given the freedom and autonomy to perform their tasks. They lose their confidence as well. Employees perform the best when they feel empowered.

Give them the freedom to complete the work, and provide all your support and encouragement. Don’t enclose them in a cage and dictate what they should and should not be doing.


Allow Top Employees to Mentors Others

Top employees feel more useful and capable when you let them mentor new hires or co-colleagues. They feel a sense of accomplishment and importance. Such employees are unlikely to leave your organization for a long-long time to come.



Your business performance and productivity depend on your key employees, and you cannot afford to lose them. It is essential that you make them feel valued and useful, and give them the opportunities to gain new skills and promote them at appropriate them. You are careful when you hire someone — selecting only the top talent; thus, you must keep employees from leaving your organization.

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