How to Create a Great Customer Service Experience for Your Business

Always create customer service experience that is great

The key to great consumer experience is to create a customer service experience that exceeds expectations. A good consumer experience goes a long way in creating loyal brand advocates. A great customer experience is more than just having a great product or service. In order for your business to be truly successful and to create a great customer experience, it is essential to give them a ‘wow’ experience that makes them want to keep coming back to you for more.

74% of senior executives, according to a study by Oracle were of the opinion that customer experience plays a very important role in a customer’s loyalty towards a product or service. So, there is no doubt that if you want loyalty from a customer, you will, without a doubt, have to invest in their experience.

Listed below are 5 easy techniques to create a customer service experience that gives your clients a reason to return to you over and over again.

Have a Clear Customer Experience Vision

First and foremost, have a clear consumer-focused vision and then communicate that with your organization. Create a set of customer-centric guiding principles that you want everybody in your organization to adhere to.

Wear your customer’s hat and ask yourself what kind of experience would you want from a company that you want to be loyal to? Aim at creating a memorable experience for your customers and not simply avoiding a negative experience.

To give you an example, Zappos used their core family values (empathy, humility, helpfulness, embracing change to drive their business) to give a ‘wow’ experience to their customers.

Make sure that all your team members know these core principles by heart. In fact, these values must also be imparted in your training.

Provide Prompt and Quick Resolution

Recent research has revealed that 64% of customers and 80% of business buyers are looking for real-time responses. Failure of businesses to respond to queries promptly is likely to make them lose customers.

The research also showed that for 71% of consumers, 24/7 customer service plays a big role in influencing loyalty, while for 69% of people; it is personalized customer care that matters.


Respect Customer Feedback and Work on it

Your customers are best equipped to tell you what is working for them and what is not in respect to your business. Small and growing businesses must encourage direct customer feedback as it enables you to significantly improve your business’s customer service thereby improving customer experience.

Review sites like Facebook, Yel[ and Angie’s List will help you understand what your customers think about you. It also enables you to figure out the areas where you are lacking. Negative reviews too have a thing or two to learn from.

Customer feedback gives you an opportunity to understand how your customers’ psyche works, and also helps build a loyal customer relationship.


Be Helpful, and Focus on Building Customer Relationships, Not Sales

Driving force behind your helpful and polite mannerisms need not be ‘money’ all the time! Try and be helpful to customer every time he or she approaches you even if you have nothing to gain with that.

At the end of the day, customers want to be respected and valued. When you do something to help a customer, and he or she is aware that you gain no monetary profit by doing so, they will respect you and will most certainly approach you the next time.

Keep Your Word and Honor Your Commitments

Not keeping your word is a sure way to ruin a relationship. Make sure you do what you promised to do. If you have guaranteed a discount, make sure you honor it. Similarly, if you have promised to respond to an email or a phone call, make sure you follow it through. Gaining the trust and respect of your customers is not that difficult after all. You can earn their trust by making sure that you keep your word. This way, you also create a customer service experience that is fulfilling.

Establish an Emotional Connection with Your Customers

One of the best customer experiences is attained when you or one of your company’s employee is able to establish an emotional connection with a customer.

As per a research published in the Journal of Consumer Research, 50% and more customer experience are based on an emotion and it is an emotion that drives their buying decisions.


Walk the Extra Mile

If a customer comes up to you and asks for a product or service, providing him or her with basic information is part of your job. However, if you intend to create a customer service experience that leaves the buyer with a ‘wow’ feeling, you must go out of your way and take the extra step to make the customer feel valued. A good word of mouth will win you more customers that what you think is possible.



Applying these seven rules listed above will most certainly help create a customer service experience that is fulfilling and complete. Your business will become known for its exceptional customer service over a period of time.

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