Free 8 Best Photo Editing Apps for Business

Best photo editing apps

A great photograph enhances the perceived value of your product or services and adds to the credibility of your business. There is no doubt that an awesome visual content is extremely important for marketers and businesses, which is why it is critical that you have the best photo editing apps at your disposal.

Back in 2017, Instagram doubled its monthly active user base. That goes to prove that the number of people viewing and sharing pictures has increased considerably in 2018. Moreover, it has been proved that the chances of visual content being shared on social media are much more than plain text. It is hence very essential for business owners and marketers to know how to create compelling photos that they can upload on their product website and share it on their businesses social media platforms and blogs.

Listed below are free 8 best photo editing apps for your business:

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is an app meant mostly for creating collages. It not only allows you to add your own pictures but also enables you to add your own Youtube videos.

If your brand is more casual and easy going, the stickers and fonts on this app will appeal to you. You can also make awesome postcards from these collages and take a print out. Social media managers will especially want to share it directly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


The Instagram app is excellent at editing pictures and is ideal if you want to post the pictures on social media. It surely can be classified as best photo editing apps. You can take pictures on your regular camera, edit the images on this app and upload it on social media.

The Instagram app is especially good at changing colors and brightness.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio offers many different editing tools, and that includes collages with multiple images. If you have a serious and classy brand, Studio is the right choice. There are pre-made templates in this app that offers beautiful fonts, neat design, and creative community.

You can also doodle on images using a drawing tool or paint blank canvases with brushes and more.


Pixlr provides the basic tools you need for editing filters. Fun stickers are added seasonally to a limited filter set that comes standard with the app. It has many useful tools, including a healing tool, brightening brush, adjustable focus tool, and autocorrect.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a simplified app version of Photoshop. It’s easier to use but far less sophisticated. On the bright side, it integrates well with Adobe programs and can handle RAW file formats.


Aviary, which has been around for a while is certainly one of the best photo editing apps. From being a gadget for Instagram into a simple and full-fledged photo editing app, Aviary has come a long way. One of its main features includes the default filters. You could get extra features at an extra cost.

All these features can be used alongside Brandr, which is the perfect app for social media branding. You can also add logos, watermark or even brand message for a better impact.


Facetune is ideal for posting selfies as it helps remove blemishes and evens out skin tone. It also lightens wrinkles and whitens teeth.

VSCO Camera

VSCO camera is another free app that has a very simple editing interface which does a great job of correcting your images in the most traditional way.

Note that you cannot add text on this app. It is suggested that you try it out as it is a very nice way of taking pictures that you would otherwise have to take using a professional DSLR. It is one of the best photo editing apps for amateur product photography. You can use it yourself to keep your customers informed about your business.

Ready to Go!

Well, you have it right here! The 5 best photo editing apps listed above will help you get started. They are easy, effective, helpful, and free. Check them out and see which one of them suits best for your business needs.

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