How to Hire a Great Project Manager for Your Business

How to Hire a Great Project Manager for Your Business

All businesses require people who can drive their business, people who are absolutely critical to their company’s success. Unfortunately, a lot many things go wrong while hiring a project manager (PM) for businesses. It is hence very critical to do your required research and learn how to hire a great project manager.

An outstanding project manager can be one of the key persons involved in the success of a business. If you have the best PM in your team, you can be relaxed and confident that your projects are being managed in a professional, efficient and profitable manner. On the other hand, a laid-back and ineffective PM can be the reason behind your businesses collapse.

The process of hiring the right project manager for your business can be pretty stressful. Listed below are 5 ways of how to hire a great project manager:


List Down Your Goals/Expectations from a Project Manager

Before you begin an all-out search for the right PM for your team, list down your expectations. What do you want to achieve by hiring a project manager? What is your company objective, and what will be the PM’s role in achieving that objective (short and long-term).

Always plan ahead of time, and do not begin the hiring process at the last moment when you are very close to begin a project where you would need a PM. This can lead to unnecessary stress as hiring a leader who might or might not fit in your bill.


Let Your Job Descriptions Not be Generic

Every job description or advertisement for training and project managers seem the same. Generic descriptions like: “Must possess excellent communication skills,” “Must be a self-starter,” “Must be able to lead teams,” are all very generic.

Provide details of the project/projects that the PM will have to handle. While most good project managers will be able to work on any given assignment, there is a difference of whether you do something because you have to do it, or because you enjoy and love doing it.

When you put down the specific needs and exact role in the job description, you are likely to land up with a better response from the kind of project managers you are looking for. Since you have mentioned exactly what will job will entail, you might attract PM’s who would love to do that kind of job. This one of the most important ways of how to hire a great project manager.


Sourcing is a Good Idea

While traditional advertisements in newspapers and job sites still work, you are likely to get the right candidate for management positions if you narrow down your search by advertising on unions, trade groups and associations. Sourcing is another talent acquisition method.

The exports who “source” talents are also known as headhunters. Sourcers or headhunters search and find great quality managers in an ocean of labor force. That is done by picking the right candidates from college fairs or recruiting the promising business administration graduates for companies.

Many sourcers also rely on social networking websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to find the right candidates.


Interview Questions for Project Managers

There is no doubt that you will have to plan and put down your expectations from your PM first. You can then accordingly list down the questions for the final interview. Listed below are some of the questions you can ask your potential candidate during the interview:

• Have you in the past worked on similar projects as this one?
• What was the last project that you worked on, and what was the result?
• How will you maintain harmony in a conflicted team?
• What will you do if any project that you are currently working on is not going as planned?
• How do you prioritize tasks when all of them seem important?
• What is your style of communication with your team?
• What is your way of dealing with an under-performer in your team?
• How do you determine if your team is on track and will achieve the desired results?


Verify their experience and Hire on a trial project basis First

Before committing to a full-time position, test the selected candidate on a trial project basis. This will help the employer as well as the employee in understanding whether or not the selected PM is the right fit for the job.

During the trial phase, determine the years of experience he or she has had working as a project manager handling various successful projects. Spend time understanding their working style, personal attributes, the capacity to handle stress, and leadership skills. This is essential to ensure that you have selected the right candidate.



While you alone must figure out how to hire a great project manager for your business, the points listed above will certainly help you in the long run.

Good luck!

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