How to Choose the Right CRM Platform For Your Business

how to choose the right crm platform for your business

When you are running a business, you are always looking of ways to make it more efficient and lucrative, and choosing the right CRM platform (or Customer Relationship Management) would be the next best step in making your business more efficient. CRM platforms have evolved from being merely a contact management system to a rather effective tool that regulates sales, marketing, vendor, and nearly all types of everyday data that you need to manage for your business. Furthermore, besides performing the aforementioned functions, it also helps in finding
new leads to new business and helps in following up with those needs – this is the reason why you should invest in the right CRM platform for your business.

Here are some of the situations to contemplate on before you venture out on your task:


The Financial Question


This is an issue that must be dealt with immediately, because this will determine where you’ll look for CRM platform and where you will limit yourself.

The cost for CRM software varies from one vendor to another: some charge you a flat rate for a whole month while there are some who use a subscription based pricing model.

Pricing can also include a certain amount that you’ll have to pay per user – proving that CRM cost is customizable according to your company’s needs. Various vendors also offer free trails, so make sure you check them out before finalizing.


What Should You Look for


The Right CRM platform will not only manage your contacts, it will also offer a plethora of services like:


– Lead Management and Sales

It automatically generates leads from a number of sources like website visitors, social media, newsletter signups etc.

You can also customize this software to follow up to these leads that are generated by setting for preset mails – you will also have the freedom to do that yourself.


– E-commerce Capabilities

Either by e-commerce integration, or by merging with the platform’s API, or even by using a third-party service, you can choose e-commerce functionality to be available in your CRM.


– Reporting Features

Depending on your needs, you can choose the right CRM platform which provides basic reports in a systemized and organized manner.

These functionalities differ at each price point. Lower pricing tiers will provide only basic reports while you’ll have to shell out more bucks for advanced reporting capabilities.

Also, check out how you can share reports with your team, ato avoif future bottlenecks. So make sure you keep that in mind before selecting software on the basis on their reporting functions.


– Call Center functionalities

These functions will not be available in your CRM software on low end of the pricing spectrum, but you can always choose to integrate with a third party tools like ZenDesk or FreshDesk for this function – which will link your CRM software with call center functions.

But if your business relies heavily on call center functions then you should choose a CRM with this functionality available beforehand – this will not only save the hassle of looking for another vendor but it will also save your money and improve your customer service.


– Workflow Management

Project management capabilities is an aspect that cannot be overlooked, as it will be your CRM’s vital, if not primary function. See if your CRM platform allows you to create project workflows for efficient automation.

Most CRM platforms, on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, have in-built features that will provide you with the same.


Wrapping it Up

Besides this, you need to keep in mind your company’s empirical data and deduce what your requirements are from these CRM platforms. Choosing the right CRM platform for your business is a vital process and the above points will guide you in the right direction. But you need to spend a lot of time evaluating different solutons in the market, as a lot of research goes into the process. If you choose the correct platform then it will prove to be instrumental in the growth of your business and maximize your profits.

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