InfusionSoft Vs SalesForce: Which is the Best CRM Solution for Your Business

InfusionSoft Vs SalesForce

It would have been the most inappropriate thing to compare InfusionSoft vs SalesForce a few years ago. This is because while SalesForce was initially made to be a CRM software (i.e. Sales Cloud), InfusionSoft is mostly a marketing automation tool. However, this is not the case anymore. SalesForce now, through Pardo Marketing Cloud has very strong, enterprise-grade marketing automation potential.

Meanwhile, InfusionSoft has also added some powerful CRM to its marketing software suite. The two CRM solutions do not fall into the same category at all. However, since they do have similar features, the question of which one is better comes up almost every time.

Listed below are InfusionSoft Vs SalesForce comparisons that will help you choose the right CRM solution for your growing business:


InfusionSoft Vs SalesForce – Cost Comparison

InfusionSoft’s monthly cost varies and is set between $199 and $379 depending on the 4 different models. InfusionSoft’s Kickstarter package costs between $2000 and $3000. This is a one-time mandatory coaching to enable you to understand the tool completely and explore its full potential. InfusionSoft gives no money back guarantee, with email caps at 500k emails every month.

SalesForce’s cheapest edition for the Sales Cloud, called Salesforce automation and CRM is the Professional edition at only $65. SalesForce Enterprise edition, which is the most popular as well as the most expensive one costs $125 per user each month. The Perfomance edition provides an all-in-all complete sales and services integration with access to unlimited features. It costs $300 per user each month. Unlike InfusionSoft, SalesForce has very little to provide in the basic as well as higher editions. There are too many loop holes or hidden costs as we can term it in SalesForce.

The annual billing is something you might be concerned with. While InfusionSoft charges on a monthly basis, SalesForce charges you for the entire year. It might make you feel ‘forced’. SalesForce’s Professional edition offers a free 30 day trial with complete access to all features. You do not have to fill in your credit card details.

InfusionSoft Vs SalesForce – Unique Feature Comparisons

InfusionSoft has all that is required for small businesses in regards to marketing automation and some more. It has strong, enterprise-grade marketing automation at affordable prices. It also has strong segmentation abilities for great marketing. It has several integrations and supporting apps in this CRM Solution’s marketplace. Owing to tagging feature, in-depth segmentation is made possible. Moreover, the sales process is speeded due to in-built CRM.

SalesForce is best suited for large and experienced teams. In fact, inexperienced businesses might not be able to make good use of its features. SalesForce, with world class sales automation features aims at providing full and complete sales solution. Like InfusionSoft, SalesForce too has strong segmentation ability and content. All customer information is integrated in a single view. It has exceptionally good Mobile Studio that makes mobile marketing automation easy.

While SalesForce has complex features that make it difficult to get a hang of, InfusionSoft is easier to work with. In fact, the installation process in InfusionSoft is much less complex than that of SalesForce.

InfusionSoft Vs SalesForce – Overall Rating

Listed here is the overall rating of InfusionSoft and SalesForce as per MarketingAutomationInsider:


Overall Rating: 31/2 *
Ease of Use: 2 *
Value for Money: 4 *
Form Templates: 3 *
Customer Support: 4 *
Overall rating: 4 *
Ease of use: 4 *
Value for Money: 4 *
Form templates: 4 *
Customer support: 4 *


InfusionSoft Vs SalesForce – Wrapping Up

InfusionSoft is the best software to go for if your business is all about marketing. This software will help you immensely if you are generating leads, tracking a customer database or sending out mass emails. InfusionSoft is not for you if you communicate and advertise only a couple of times a year. You will then be unable to see the return of investment that comes from the project.

SalesForce on the other hand will suit all sales organization. It enables sales, client services and marketing to work off of the same software.

The comparisons between InfusionSoft Vs SalesForce can be best summed in the words of Marcus Taylor and Omar Akhtar:

In my opinion, and based on who i’ve heard love and loathe Infusionsoft, I’d say that Infusionsoft is for businesses that are already turning over at least $150,000 per year from selling products online – Marcus Taylor,

Even though has had an easier time with the integration process…it still has a long way to go. While its individual products are top notch, their value as a whole is still below its potential. – Omar Akhtar, DM News

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