Nixstats Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros and Cons

nixstats review pricing features benefits pros and cons

Nixstats is a web & sever performance monitoring software that regularly checks your website and automatically alerts you in case of issues. Here’s Nixstats review to help you decide if it is the right tool for your business.


Nixstats Review, Pricing, Features, Benefits, Pros and Cons

Here’s Nixstats review, pricing, features, benefits, pros and cons


Nixstats Review

Nixstats is a useful website & sever monitoring platform that allows you to monitor all the key performance metrics of your website in one place.

You can install it on your servers with just one line of command.

It allows you to receive alerts in a variety of ways – via email, slack notifications, pushover, sms and other integrations.

It even allows you to create custom plugins to monitor your own applications and metrics.

It provides insightful dashboards that not only show historical trends but also real-time information.

Nixstats supports monitoring of HTTP(S) and any other TCP/IP port.


Nixstats Benefits

  • Monitor all your websites and services from one place
  • Get automated alerts
  • Improved website uptime
  • Diagnose website issues quickly
  • Better brand reputation
  • Improved customer satisfaction


Nixstats Features

Nixstats offers many useful features such as:

  • Monitoring of HTTP(S) and other TCP/IP ports
  • Alerts via email, sms, slack notifications
  • Third-party integrations
  • Custom Plugins
  • Performance dashboards
  • Historical trends


Nixtstats Pricing

Nixstats offers a free plan and 2 paid plans:

  • Free
    • 5 Monitors Included
    • 1 Server Included
    • 24 hours data retention
    • E-Mail Notifications
    • Basic support
    • 60 second interval
    • Limited custom server metrics
    • Custom dashboard
    • Public status page
    • Monitoring of HTTP(S), TCP and ICMP
    • Certificate expiration monitoring
  • Founder – $6.95/month
    • Includes everything in free plan
    • 25 Monitors Included
    • 10 Server Included
    • 30 days data retention
    • SMS, Webhook, Slack, Pushbullet, HipChat, Pushover Notifications
    • Priority support
    • API Access
    • Unlimited custom server metrics
  • Business – $49.95/month
    • Includes everything in Founder plans
    • 100 Monitors Included
    • 15 Server Included
    • 60 days data retention
    • Multi user access
    • High priority support
    • 99% Uptime


Nixstats Pros and Cons


  • Many useful features
  • Affordable pricing


  • Nothing big enough to be listed here


Final Verdict

Nixstats is a website monitoring service that provides many useful features. It is suitable for personal website owners, webmaster, bloggers and small businesses. However, it can add some more features that help it target medium-large businesses who have more advanced requirements.

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